Saturday, November 15, 2014

My not so tech side

So has anyone been having trouble with the slow mo video and how they won't upload to Instagram? 

Wheew, I thought I was a loner on this. Haha jk, I know that this is a huge frustration for most. 

Thankfully, your girl Mandy scoured the Internet to find a solution. 

Well, I found one. Thank to the website I found it from. •link to come•

Ohhhh ya! 

Alright, this is a free way of using 2 iOS devices and a simple step. 

Step 1: turn on air drop and make sure you have both devices in their photos app. 
Step 2: select your photo and select yourself using air drop. 
That's my iPad, haha. 
Step 3: Upload to Instagram (using the iOS device you sent it too. 
And wallah! It worked!! I was so happy to find this and for it to work!!! 
Hope y'all found this useful! 

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