Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

This Halloween was super fun. It was Rob's 22nd birthday and we had a chance to go to STG and spend it with his cousins. My grandpa Lee past away and had the funeral that day, but it was such an amazing service. We had a great time trunk o treating, and then Jackie, my cousin Nikki came and went trick or treating with Kiva, Tara, and I with all of our boys. Poor Addy was the only girl. It was such a great day.

Cooper and his new best friend Jace

All the nephews, minus Carson.
Riley: the scream dude
Kade: Megatron
Paxton: swat man, Carson was a jail bird, just to match eachother
Drew: monkey
Coop: pumpkin

Our little pumpkin
Paxton loves Cooper, it may look like he is kissing him, but he was just talking to him about something haha

Jackie and I trick or treating with our kids!

Mom and I went to Wal-Mart to get some candy, and this little 1940's Chevy came by. Mom and I loved it, and we had to get pictures of it!!

I had never seen men in the military be the honorary pallbearers, I was so touched by watching it.

David walking with his mommy, Grandma Ada Ann, to Grandpa lee's funeral
Ya, I dont know where he learned that, he doesnt do it any more, thank goodness!!

Our silly Paxton

Paxton and Cooper laughing at eachother

Cooper laughing at Paxton jumping on the tramp

On our way down to STG for Halloween!! It's Rob birthday too :)

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