Friday, October 16, 2009

Cooper's Halloween costume, and Marine Uncle Gary

Cooper is now 7 months old, last month went by waay to fast! His character is really showing (even the sad sides too) and its so fun to see him grow every day. Robert's little brother Gary was passing through from NC to head to AZ where he will be stationed for a while. Gary is a Marine and its soo cool to see how much he as grown into a man because of the corps. I thank him and all of our troops for all that they do. God bless our troops and America

He is so cute in his costume, he looks like a girl so he is going to wear a black beenie :)

Anyone want some tuna?
Such a happy baby!
Cooper's Halloween costume

the kids and grand kids
All the family!
All the boys
They can never take a serious picture, poor aaron!

Gerb and Rob
This is the tower that Skylar and I built, he was really happy about using all the pieces!
Uncle Gerb seeing Cooper for the first time!
Cooper and Skylar playing with the "degos" thats what they are called according to skylar haha

Skylar built this all by himself, he was so excited about it that he told me to take pictures of it, he is so cute!!

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L. Christensen said...

Oh my! He is such a stud! That smile will melt anyone's heart!