Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aviation Nation 2009

Rob, Gerb, Alex, and myself had the chance to go to Aviation Nation down in LV at Nellis Air Force base. It was my first air show EVER so I was super excited! I was so blown away with all the things I saw and how amazing these machines are.

This is the Thunderbirds, they are an elite group of flyers, I can not even explain how amazing they are in the air. I would youtube a video on them and just watch in amazment!

This is a P-51 that my grandpa Lee flew in the Korean war. He passed away 2 weeks before this show so I was honored to have seen it let alone sit in it.

For some reason I love this plane, Its a C-17 which is a cargo plane. But the reason I love this plane is because it is so HUGE and that it can barrel roll!! WHAT!? When they told me that I was blown away!

These are just a handful of planes we saw that day.

Here are some pics of Rob and I in front of some cool planes! There is one with Gary, Rob's brother who is in the Marines, it was so awesome to see him again.

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