Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cooper's 8 months!!!

I cant believe Coop is 8 months, he is so much fun and his personality is coming out so much! His first holidays are here and its so much fun to share them with him. He is a crawling fool now and is into everything, but I love having him be blessed to do so.

I was to grab those cheeks!!

I cant believe he is already in a walker!

Mohawk Coop

haha he is so cute!

My mom, Kiva, and I (plus our babies) were shopping Tai Pan and I came across this picture next to their flowers stand and wedding displays! I was so shocked to see my face in Tai Pan!! I was in "The Wedding Showcase" magazine, but this is just so crazyness!! I was really happy to see it though! I love Shellee!

Does your baby look that happy when they wake up in the morning? haha I love it!

Is he a happy baby or what?

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