Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cooper's 4 moths old and a surprise!

Well its so weird to say this but my little boy is now 4 months old!! I am so happy with my life right now. I love being Cooper's mommy! So I just wanted to copy Amanda for what she did for Hals.
Cooper loves:
His fingers
Watching sports center with daddy ( its so weird!)
His feet
any kind of fabric in his face
my pinky nuckle ( so he can chew on it)
getting scared by daddy
sleeping with mommy and daddy
His new saucer
my cell phone
bananas, pears, applesauce, and peaches (mixed with his cereal)
bath time
being naked
looking at himself in the mirror
mommy singing to him
being read to and looking at the pictures
Cooper doesnt like:
the dark
his car seat
not having someone to talk to
poopy diapers
getting his nose sucked out
getting hit in the face by paxton or drew (by accident or course)
I am so thankful to have Cooper in mine and Robert's life. Its amazing how a baby can change your life for the better. I am so excited for all the new things to come. I love you little son!!

Look at what Cooper can do!

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Krista Eger said...

I love the four month grabbing feet stage! That was one of my favorite things! I think that's when he really started to get his personality! :D Cooper is SO cute! I can't wait to visit St. George and see him! Him and Nate can play (kind of! :D)