Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My photography pics

So it seems like everyone is doing photography these days but I have been doing photography since I was 13 I have never done any people outside of my family because I didnt want to dissapoint anyone. So I hope you guys like these!!!


Nate and Lyndsi Clements said...

Hey I ran into your blog.Cooper is adorable.
I love your car seat covers. I know I don't have a kid but you've got to show me how to make one. so cute!

Jena said...

hey remembner how we're 'twins' with the camera thing?! ya im the same as you--- camera in hand at the bright young age of 6! We rule, thats a real 'photographer'. Well, at least we know we're not fallowing the fad, but really love taking pictures~

Krista Eger said...

That has been my biggest issue lately! All of my friends buying fancy cameras and suddenly thinking they're photographers....and even worse thinking that they can start a business!!!!!! No schooling for it or anything. Man that irritates me! Do you know why I would never start a business? Because I haven't gone to school for it!!!! Therefore I acknowledge the fact that I am not a professional!