Thursday, July 30, 2009

The 24th

The 24th was a really fun day! My sister's, their kids (Riley, Kade, Drew, and Paxton), Coop a loop, and I went to the Pioneers Day Parade. My sisters and I have been to this parade for many many years, so it was really special to see our kids watch it.
Cooper is almost 5 months and he is really working on being a big boy and sitting up on his own, but he LOVES the Baby Pod, he is super cute in it!!

The morning of the Parade

A bunch of tired boys after a long day of celebration!!

I saw this kid in the park, if only Cooper had hair...

Cooper watching the parade :)

haha I like this kid, easy way to hold the flag

Kade liked the clown that had a big butt haha

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Jake and Jen said...

Cooper is so cute! He makes me want to have babies!!