Sunday, September 5, 2010


The Bountiful Temple, so gorgeous!!

This is Jake's place, super cute!!

This is where Chance is sleeping till he gets married... we had to laugh.... its a living room HA!!

Our beautiful off ramp...

I had the opportunity to go to Bountiful with my family to attend my step sister's, her husband's, and my future step sister's endowment sessions. It was such an amazing experience! I was so happy that I was able to be part of such an amazing moment in their lives. My step sister and her husband were also married, which was so beautiful! The sealer was so wonderful, he was such a sweetheart! I also got to see my step brother, the one that is engaged, and my other step brother's apartments. Jake, is 19 and he just moved to Provo and his room mates are super nice and we are really happy that he is up there. Chance and his fiance, Jordan, are settled into their little, and I mean little, apartment. They are getting married this coming Saturday in the St. George Temple. I am so happy to have Jordan join our family! We had a good time with her in Bountiful, while waiting for Sami and Micheal, the couple getting sealed, were coming into the sealing room. I fell in love with Provo, and I told Rob that I wouldn't mind living up there... so whoo knows!!

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