Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer 2010... well my favorite times!

This was before we went to Eclipse. We were making a quilt for my brother. He is in a Mandarin Chinese speaking mission in Toronto Canada. We had the pool set up for the boys, Cooper was not there... he is scared of pools haha. Cooper is so cute, he just loves being with his mommy.

We had our "annual" Denny's dinner and then to ECLIPSE!! I loved the movie!! I love Serenity (the one in the purple) because she wanted to have a cup of whip cream. Love her!

My mom bought this play puppy for Christmas, and Cooper loves taking it for a "walk." He is actually scared of dogs, but hopefully this will help him be a little more comfortable with dogs so we can get a little dog. :D

Cooper loves Toy Story, so when he saw these cereal boxes with Woody and Buzz on there he was so happy! He would not leave them alone. When he needed a break he would wander around Crossfit and just be cute.

Cooper building and playing the "drums"

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