Friday, April 2, 2010

Cooper's Birthday Party

Cooper's birthday was such a fun day! I know that I am posting this waaay late, but I remember it was such an amazing day. We love you Misser Roy!!

Happy little birthday boy!

Blow out your candle! More like drool on it while Dad blows it out haha!

This cake looks better than the cake I tried to make

He fell asleep right when we got to the party! haha, already a pooper

Cooper checking his facebook and email, ya know, the usual.

haha!! Cooper came around the corner and game me this glare haha! I cant stop laughing!!

Cooper sleeping soundly on his birthday

My effort of making a "peanut" cake. When I was pregnant with Cooper Rob and I didnt reveal Cooper's name until he was born, so my mom nicked name Cooper peanut. We were 10 weeks pregnant with Cooper and he was about the size of a peanut.

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