Saturday, September 26, 2009

Riley's 7th Birthday

I was super excited because first of all Rob didn't have baseball practice this past Friday AND it was my first nephews 7th birthday! We got to StG and spent most of the time at my moms with our family! I cant believe that Riley is 7! I remember when he was as big as Cooper and I couldnt wait to see him! But it was a lot of fun! Props to Kiva and Tara for making the "rockin" birthday cake!

Gage was wanting to jump so bad that he was trying to climb up the pole haha

Drew super happy to be getting cake haha

When Riley blew the candles out, Paxton 2 and Gage 3 (I think?) were taking the blown out candles and eating the cake while everyone was talking haha, they are super sneaky!!

Ok this is a "Best Friends" CTR necklace that he wanted and it is so cute because he is going to send one off to my brother in Canada!

Ok in this on he isnt sad that he got the Transformer, he was asking me if the Transformer could "transform" into a airplane and while he was asking I snapped the pic, my bad!!

Riley opening his Transformer present and doesnt even realize what he is getting haha

This is Jason Williams, he is the same age as my oldest sister Tara. They have been friends for like 20 some odd years, he is such an awesome guy!
Riley blowing out the candles!

9 people on the Tramp! The tramp almost touched the ground haha

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Mrs. Miscellaneous said...

Looks like it was fun! BTW, I love the soundtrack to your blog!