Thursday, September 24, 2009

Coopers 6 months old!!

Cooper is 6 months old, what the french toast!! I am just so suprised that it came this fast! He is such a cutie, he loves so many things and still smiles, even though he is teething.

Cooper loves:

anything within arms reach, but mostly his new cars and his best buddy heh heh.

He loves to watch Madagascar, Madagascar 2, and Kung Fu Panda

He loves his blankets more than ever now

He loves being thrown up in the air or doing his standing trick with dad

He loves his baths now that he has the skills to play with toys in the water.

He loves being talked to

He loves to snuggle

Loves being in mommy and daddy's bed

loves his family, especially his Grandma Wulf, she talks alot to him :)

and recently he loves binkeys? Ya he got his tooth and now he loves them... ok then!?

He LOVES Riley and Kade, they keep in entertained!

Loves being outside, good thing we are both going to school :)

Cooper is just an all around happy baby and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. I am thankful for all the things that he teaches me each day and I thank my Heavenly Father for him!

It was so funny, I was cleaning and I had Cooper sitting on my bed while I was dusting, and I was only gone for maybe 5 minutes and when I walked in here he was, aleep like this...

He is so cute!!

He likes his car seat because he can see everything now! WHOO HOO!!

Cooper's BIG BOY car seat

He does love playing with it!

ya, his head doesn't fit into it yet haha


Skyler and Bailey said...

Wow He is getting so big. He is adorable!

Krista Eger said...

oh my gosh what an adorable smile!! He's so freaking cute! I can't believe you found a car seat that lets you put him forward facing before he's a year old!

Myles N Amanda said...

holy cow! he has gotten big!that picture is so funny of him sleeping HAHAH! i wish hals would just fall asleep!