Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Father's Day/ Kade's 5th Birthday

Fathers Day was such a fun/sad day. It was fun because I got to see my dad and spend Sunday with my family. I t was sad because Rob had to spend his first Fathers day at WORK!! I was so sad but I know that he had a wonderful Fathers day on a different day. He got to go out and golf for as long as he wanted. I just wanted to say how thankful I am for my Dad, my step dad, Roberts Dad Gary, and of COURSE Rob. These men mean so much to me, they do so much for my little family. I can not thank them enough for what they have done for Cooper. I hope that their lives are blessed for all the wonderful things that these men have done to help me and Cooper. Happy Father's Day to all the new dad's out there, I am so excited for you to have your new little one, they are the greatest blessing you could ever receive!
Cooper was just sitting watching everyone swim, he loved watching everyone.
Yes I did play with his eyes. When I saw this picture I was just blown away with his eyes so I HAD to play them up!
Here is the Birthday boy! He got Goggles and he LOVED them, he wouldnt take them off. He is such a sweetie!!
Drew was eating the couch and watching TV at the same time it was so cute!!

Drew got to swim for the first time!! He loved the water!!

This is the Father's day game that we played! For those of you who do know who this guy is its Ye Ye from the nick jr. show "Ni Hao Ki-Lan"but in (Mandarin) Chinese it means grandpa.

This is the gift that my sister made! Its a 2X4 that my sis made into a measuring board. Its 6 foot 6 inches high so all the family can measure in it. Its really crafty! Go Kiva!

Can you see where I get my funny side?

My dad's reaction to his fathers day gift
This is a video of Rob and Cooper, it wasnt on Fathers day but this is just such a sweet video. The love that Rob has for Cooper is amazing and I was so happy to have caught it on video.

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