Saturday, June 20, 2009

My little man!!

I know that all I do is post pictures on here of Cooper but I love it!! I am just loving being a mother!! Cooper is so great, he is such a great baby and I love having him in my life!!
Having fun after his bath time!!

Cooper is now eating "1st foods" from gerber and he was eating Bananas and fell asleep it was soo cute!!

I was playing with Cooper and so I swaddled him, he was laughing it was so cute!!

This is Cooper's first friend, the story is really cute: I went to Wally world and wanted to buy Cooper a friend (toy). I was grabbing all sorts of toys and the only one that Cooper really played with and actually looked at was a frog. So later that night Cooper was sitting in my lap with his new friend and I asked Cooper what his new friend's name should be. As soon as I said he went "Heh heh" it was soo cute!! So here is Cooper with his first friend Heh heh:)
Hey was snug as a bug

Cooper watching daddy play X-box


Krista Eger said...

never apologize for posting pictures!!! :D Its your blog and you can post pictures if you want to (sung to the tune of "its my party"). Its funny cause Nate just got a couple stuffed gorillas for his birthday and he said "wow-wow" so Phil decided that should be his name. So now he knows that the gorilla is wow-wow and I asked him where he was today and he went and grabbed it and called him wow-wow! It made me so happy! :D Also, whenever I go shopping with him I'll ask him which toy, sippy, granola bars, etc. and I'll wait for him to point to one and thats the one I'll choose. haha!

Josh and Kensey said...

Cooper is getting so big and handsome! And I love his little friend! That is picture is so precious!