Monday, May 18, 2009

Moving in with mom!

Well sadly enough but we moved out of our apartment. We moved to my mom's house for the summer until we move up to Cedar. I know that Rob and I are so grateful for my mom and step dad David for letting us stay with them. I know mom is loving it because she gets to see Cooper every day!
These are the pictures of us moving. I felt so bad because I was just packing the whole time and poor Cooper was just wanting any attention, so I would have to stop packing and either feed him or just sit and talk to him so that slowed the moving down just a little bit. I think Cooper was a little shocked from the move, but he is good now. Now any advice for anyone having to move, START PACKING 3 WEEKS BEFORE!!!! We didn't think that we needed that long. Oh man we packed our entire house in 4 days! It was so stressful!! So now with us moving to Cedar it wont be so hard because we have most of our stuff in storage. I am just excited to move up there and to start this new adventure in our little family's life.

The Kitchen some what packed

Our dinning room. We had a table there...

Our living room

This is where our couches were

Cooper sleeping while I packed

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Krista Eger said...

I had to do the same thing when Nate was that little! I wonder how different it will be when we move next! :D Anyway I also wanted to say I can't believe you got pictures of Cooper smiling this young (from the other post) Nate was a little slow on smiling, he would do it, but we had to work REALLY hard for it. So we didn't get a picture of him doing it till he was over 2 months! So because of that I thought he would be fast with physical things like crawling and walking, but slow with talking and interacting with people, but I've been pleasantly surprised at how much he says for an 11 month old!