Monday, May 18, 2009

Getting bigger!!!

Here are some pictures of Cooper! He is such a cute little baby! My mom commented this morning on how he looks like a baby now not a newborn, and it is sooo true!! I just LOVE these pictures of Cooper, he is so colorful!!
Even when he was first born he was doing all sorts of looks! I love waking up to him, even if its in the middle of the night. He is such a great baby and am so blessed to have him. Rob and I love being his parents and look forward to the many adventures we will have with him.
We love you Cooper!!

Doesnt that just want to make you laugh!!

mister smiley face!!

His fat cheeks!!


Mommy and Cooper sitting in the rocking chair

I can stand up now!! With a little bit of help hee hee

Cooper kept looking at the Rebels logo on Rob's shirt it was sooo funny!!


haha I love this!

Im sitting up like a big boy mom!!

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