Wednesday, March 11, 2009

He's Finally Here!!!

Our first family photo

He stopped crying as soon as they put him on my chest

perfect weight

20 inches long

his first bath

he didn't like it that much

me and my sisters, we're all mommies now!!

My step mom Christy holding Cooper for the first time

My dad holding Cooper

Rob's mom holding Coop

one of his first picture with his eyes open

He's a baby burrito

One proud daddy

Aunt Kiva holding Cooper

We are a family now

Austin holding his godson

My mommy holding her new grandson, look mom his eyes are open for you

Rob burping Cooper, he really likes to be held like that too...

Riley and Kade looking at their new cousin

Cooper Roy Fielding was born March 9th at 3:29 pm, he weighted 7 pounds 7 ounces and is 20 inches long. He is an amazing baby!! When he was born, he was so calm... they gave him his hep B shot and even that didn't make him cry!!! He is so cute we are just so blessed. Robert and I just came home today and are just trying to adjust to reality. It still hasn't clicked that this perfect little baby boy is mine. I am just so thankful for my labor and delivery, everything went so well it was almost not real.

My labor story:

I decided to be induced into labor because I was already a 4 and 70% effaced and we thought that the baby was over 8 pounds, so to prevent Cooper from getting bigger and having an emergency C section we decided to be induced. So on Monday March 9th we get a call at 5 in the morning from the hospital and we get the ok to be induced at 6:30, so when we finally get to the hospital I was so scared it was not even funny. So waiting to get all my info done, I am getting my IV put in... oh man, I thought that was the worst part!!! It hurt soo bad! She inserted the first needle in my left arm and she said that I didn't have a good vein so she took it out and came to the right side. It hurt so bad that my face was just pale, I thought I was going to pass out... Which I was close, Robert said that my face went completely white!! But as soon as she put in the saleen I was fine. Then the real contractions came, I was only on patosin for about an hour and the contractions were from 60 to 100 on the scale, and I didn't even have my epidural yet OUCH! So by the time I was begging for an epidural I was already dilated to a 6. So I receive my epidural, which if anyone is scared of it don't be you cant feel it and I have a very low tolerance in pain, and it was just smooth sailing from then on. I continued to progress for a couple of more hours, but I cant start pushing because my doctor had to do a surgery and couldn't be there. My mom says that if he wasnt in surgery I could have had Cooper two hours earlier, but its ok. So when the Dr. came in he was incredible, so positive and just gave Robert and I the best delivery. So at 3:29 Cooper was born!! I could not have asked for a better or more perfect day. When they placed Cooper onto my chest I was so blown away with emotion that I couldnt cry!! The love that I had just instantly gained for this new man in my life was just amazing! I am so thankful for this beautiful gift, I know that Cooper was sent to Robert and I from our Father in heaven. I am soo thankful for Robert, he has been so amazing with Cooper. He is the greatest husband and I am blessed to have these two wonderful boys in my life. I look forward to the life that Rob and I have as parents.


The Eger Family said...

Cutest family EVER! :D I am SOOOOOO glad that you wrote your labor story! I was hoping for that! :D It reminded me so much of mine! I wasn't induced, but everything went absolutely perfect and awesome and I could have had Nate a few hours earlier, but my doctor was busy with another patient that was having problems, but that made it so I didn't have to push as long! It was so perfect that I even got the nurses I wanted and everything! And the room too! It was crazy! YAY I can't wait to see him!

L. Christensen said...

Congratulations! He's finally here! I'm so happy that everything went smoothly and that he arrived safely! He is perfect!

Enjoy every minutes - they grow up so fast!

L Christensen

Jake and Jen said...

You guys that's an awesome labor story!! I loved it! Thanks for posting it! I glad sailing was smooth. You guys will be great parents to that darling boy!