Thursday, February 26, 2009

Superbowl 2009

I know that the Super Bowl was like over a month ago but it was such a fun day that I had to put these pictures on here. Rob and I got to spend that fun Sunday with my sisters Kiva and Tara and their kids and Hubbies. I love Super Bowl, its a good reason to spend the day with your friends and family! Well Rob and I were happy because we were the only ones wanting the Steelers to win, and yay for us they did!!

Drew watching T.V. haha

Down, set, Hike!!

Kade getting into position

Rob making faces to get Drew to smile, he is such a good uncle!

Dont you want to just grab those cheeks!?

Rob turning Riley into a umm I dont know what...

I just want to squeeze Drew!!

Yikes!!! I look scary, good thing I have paxton with me haha

Riley always wants a back scratch haha

Alex and Baby Drew OHHH!!

Tara getting into the game...

Paxton being a little cutie!!

Riley and Kade (with Rob) getting their tackle on!

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Clint, Jandee and Cannon said...

Mandy! how are you? I saw you in my ward that day. I was excited thinking you guys just moved in. I can't believe your due so soon! LUCKY!!! I'm staying home during the days right now. We so should hang out. Our boys can be buddies. My e-mail is