Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I miss you all!!

So I am wanting a lot of my friends on my friends list and I cannot get in contact with them!! So if you don't see your name on my list I am sooo sorry, I don't do it to be mean but I just don't know your email so send me an invite! My email is and I will gladly accept you. Cant wait to get your invites!! Oh and this is for Katie Whited, I need your address and cell phone so we can chat!! I am a stay at home wife (soon to be mom) so we need to hang out!! So email me your phone number and address because I have a baby invitation for you!! Oh and Whitney Daley I have an invitation for you too so call me and we will meet up and hang out.
Love you all!!


Lil' LeBaron Family said...

Ronnie and Sam LeBaron

Levi and Katie Whited said...

Katie Levi & Kayla Whited

I MISS YOU! How is your belly! Yeah the countdown is on!

Love ya!


Levi and Katie Whited said...