Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twilight Premier

I love Twilight!! I had the amazing opportunity to go out with Kiva, Tara, My mommy, Kara, Serenity, Jenna, and of course little Drew. Ya remember that shirt that I had made ya I totally wore it to the premier! I even got my two sisters (Kiva and Tara) make shirts and whats even better is that Tara made one for her little baby AND my mom got one made!! It was such a fun night!! We went to dinner at like 10 o clock and we waited in line to get a good seat for like an hour and it was soooo much fun because we were acting like a bunch of high schoolers it was AWESOME!!! I hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Who is the freak with the tongue? Oh wait... Thats me!!
Here is baby Drew he is SOOOO cute I love him!!!

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