Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Elder Kameron Stowe

Kameron Stowe came home on November 14th from Halifax Canada. Kameron and I have grown up together, our parents have been friends for years!! I am so happy that he served a mission!! He is my brother from another mother!!
I just love all of his patches that he has!!

Paxton in his cute PJ's, He is so cute!!

Can you guess where Kameron served?

Tara and Kameron

Kameron seeing Drew for the first time!

Kiva, Paxton, and Kameron

Kameron and Jackie!! She is so cute with her belly, she is due a day after me!!

Mom was so happy when Kam came home!!

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Jake and Jen said...

Oh my gosh! He looks so dang good!! How awesome is that, I mean seriously. I just remember how exciting it was when Chris came home from his mission and meeting him at the airport. Such a cool experience huh. Just two short years you'll be waiting for your brother too!