Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My nephews heart surgery

So my 9 year old nephew, Riley was due for his heart surgery. He has pulmonary stenosis. I don't know exactly what that is, but he has it. So Riley has deified the odds the Drs. have given him. So now that he had to get the surgery we were all walking train wrecks about to burst into tears at any moment. So he got prepped and ready for the surgery and everything was a success. The Dr. did so awesome and Riley recovered in record time. He was going to be in an induced sleep for 3 days so he would recover correctly and then another 5-7 days before he would be discharged. Riley was discharged 4 days after the surgery. His recovery was an amazing thing to witness. It's amazing how children bounce back from something as major as open heart surgery! He's doing awesome and is a full functioning 9 year old. Heavenly father has truly watched over Riley and our family and I am so grateful that Riley is doing so wonderful!

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