Saturday, May 26, 2012


So today has been a very down day. Robert and I just found out about a friend of ours that past away in a plane crash. I knew of him at school, but rob knew him way better. The news of it was so shocking it definitely brought me back down to earth and helped me appreciate all that my family does for me, good and bad. I love my family so much and I truly am so grateful that Heavenly Father has found me worthy to raise such beautiful and sweet spirits. I am grateful to be married to such an amazing man that is worthy to hold the priesthood and is ready to use it whenever it's needed. I am grateful for a temple marriage and for the blessings my family receives and for the standard that rob and I set for our children. Our kids are being raised in an LDS home and I know that we can all do better, but they truly teach and remind me of the small and simple things about this gospel. I am so grateful for a caring and living Heavenly Father that has sacrificed so much for me so that I may be able to live with Him again. His son Jesus Christ. What a powerful example for me. I know that he sacrificed himself for my sins and I cannot fathom the pain that He experienced. I love this gospel and I love my family and most importantly I love my Father in Heaven and His son Jesus Christ. Go, love your families, for the time of our second coming may be closer than we think. Love you all

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The Daley Fam said...

Thanks for your inspirational words. I needed it! You are such a good mom and your kids are adorable!