Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cooper being Cooper

Cooper is just surprising me everyday! Hes talking more and more, he's getting into more mayhem, and he is even preparing for his new sister to come. I just cant believe how big he is. We love him so much and I am excited to see how he is with his new sister coming.

This is what happens when its too quiet in the house

Reading his favorite Bear a story and tucking everyone into bed

I couldn't resist, when I bought it I HAD to see what it was like on Cooper. Its my job to embarrass him haha

I went up stairs and I found Cooper in his old saucer... ya, he's kind of too big and tall for it haha. He was quite pleased with himself

Cooper and Rob riding the train at South Town Mall

On our way to St. George!!

Playing catch with Rob. This is when Cooper really figured out how to throw the ball.... and SUPER HARD haha

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