Monday, August 8, 2011

A fun filled day

Cooper and I had the fun opportunity to join Rob's dad and sister for the day up in taylorsville for a softball tournament. Cooper and I had so much fun at the park. It brought me back to the old days when I would go to Rob's high school and college games. We met up with Rob later, he had to work, and we finished our fun day at Cabella's and back at the fields for one more game. We were all thankful for bedtime at that point. We were tired people!!

Cooper waiting for the games to start

Cooper is not big on dogs, but when he saw this fella he just waltzed right over and wanted to pet him.

Things are fun to jump off of, especially a new found height.

Cooper has this new obsession with fish. He loves all animals and loves watching them. But thanks to Cabella's we stood in the aquarium for over an hour and watched the fishes swim. It was fun to watch cooper take it all in.

So to keep Cooper entertained, Kimber and I went over to the fish feeding area. Cooper loved giving the fish their food.

You have to squeeze in a wrestling match in at LEAST everyday ;)

Finishing the day with one more game, this time Coopers hero came. His daddy :)

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Myles N Amanda said...

how fun! hals loves fish too!!! glad i got to see you the other day!