Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our silly boy

I cant believe that our little man is being.... a man!! He is so adventourus. He is doing the whole climbing on everything bit so we gotta watch where he runs off too! He is still the soft, gentle, and shy little Cooper we all know which I love! He is just being more brave and out going. He is shy to new people, but when he warms up to them he is a talker!! He definatly got that from me. I am so grateful for my boys. They are the reason I exist! They are amazing man/boy in my life. They make me a better person EVERDAY! I thank Heavenly Father for the opportunity I have to be blessed with these man/boy in my life. I love you Rob and Coop a loop

I caught Cooper watching T.V. this way... YIKES!!!

Enjoying the day watching cars go by


Our adorable 2 year old (well almost 2)

Yummy whip cream in the morning? Cooper found the whip cream from mine and Rob's french toast that is from Kneaders (best french toast EVER!!!)

Silly Cooper!!

What Cooper does at night! (sorry its sideways!!)

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Jake and Jen said...

Haha...that picture of him watching Tv is so cute! I can't belive how big he's gotten! You can see his personality just in pictures! If I'm not home bed ridden we may try to make it to his party! Sponge-bob is such a cute theme! You better have crabby patties!