Saturday, December 11, 2010

My recent crafts

Well I have been feeling very crafty these past few weeks. Mostly to kill time before I went to St. George to see family and to bring home my buddy brother Derek. But here are the crafts I did over the week.

I found this black metal star for 5 dollars, total clearence find at TJMAXX, and I bought a 5 dollar set of scrapbook paper at Wal*Mart, and then modge podge for 7 dollars. I then went to Robert's and got a distressing ink sponge for 2 bucks and wahla!! A new and improved star. I didnt have any practice I just kind of made it up as I went. Super easy!!

As you will notice on the Dresser, the fabric is the same. I just took the wipe cover I had and ripped it off!! It looked so beat up and ka ka, so I decided to make a new one. The diaper holder I had left over fabric. Super duper fun!! That cost. $0 dollars

YAY!! I am so happy with this final result. This dresser Rob and I picked up at DI for 15 dollars. the fixtures were gold and the wood was just a meh... so I went to Walmart, got 2 cans of Fire engine red $2 dollars each, a super fine paint brush $1, the silver fixtures 2 packets (contains 2 fixtures in each packet) $2.50, then went to the fabric Dept and found the CUTE striped fabric and got 1/2 yard for 2 dollars, and then went to Home Depot and got a paint sample for $2 Dollars! So all I did was spray paint, hand paint the distressing on the dresser and hot glued the fabric on the back for a shelve for shoes, cars, books, WHATEVER!! Total cost $30!! Hot Dog!!

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