Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Cedar Peeps

I just wanted to post pictures of our amazing friends in Cedar. They have been so great to us and We love them so much! We miss you guys and can't wait to see you!!

Rachel and Tycen PoVey, these two are so great! They are seriously just like Rob and I! I love these two sooo much!! Cooper, has loved Rachel since she met him, and Tycen loves Cooper so much that he "claims" to be the dad, haha

This is Morgan, Gage, and Gunnar. They lived across the street from us and Morgan was an amazing friend and neighbor since day one. Gage and Gunnar are the funniest boys and I love them like they are my nephews! They are 2 and have loved having Cooper around. Cooper loved them just as much!

This is Easton, he is a DOLL!!! He is such an amazing baby and we have enjoyed being part of his life. Cooper loves Easton, he just loves watching what Easton does and they way he interacts with Easton is so cute.

This is our awesome friends that we love sooo much Nancy and Jace. They have been so awesome and amazing to us that we are so grateful to have them part of our lives. They were always there for us in anytime that we were in need and Cooper loved them like an Auntie and Uncle. Love them so much!!

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Lorrie's Little World said...

I love the tribute to your friends Mandy! You are a special person and a wonderful friend! :)