Monday, July 19, 2010

Guess what!?

Well, even though I dont have any pictures, we are expecting again!! I am so excited! I am 7 weeks prego and have been pretty nauseous! Does anyone have any tips of getting rid of this, it takes over my life! I dont get out of bed till like 1 or 2 in the afternoon, I dont even get ready for the day.... only on sundays for church haha!! Well, I will be posting pictures of the growing belly!! -Loves!!
oh and P.S. lets pray for a girl!! :)


Key Family said...

Mandy how exciting!! I just came accross your blog on Janessas...Try Zofran, the Dr gave me that it works like a miracle...I only took it when I had to go to work or it was really bad..Of course my nausea completely stopped after 14 weeks but tasha is taking it to and loves it....CONGRATS..

Krista Eger said...

Mandy that's so awesome!!!!! :D :D :D I don't know how your morning sickness works, but I know that mine usually went away (from making me want to vomit) when I'd eat something. It's ONLY pregnancy sickness that is like that for me! I'd still feel a little nauseous, but it would keep me from throwing up. In fact the one time I did this pregnancy was because I had no food in my house and was watching too many kids for how many car seats I had so I couldn't go get something! Haha!
I hope it's a girl!! I craved totally different things with this one than I did with Nate. I craved meat and protein with him and I craved citrus and noodles with her (at first). So I don't know if there's any validity to that...probably not! haha!

Whited A Family of 3 said...

Yeah! I had a feeling you were with how you been saying you were sick on Facebook! I am so excited for you guys! A really good doctor up in Cedar is Dr Sanders at The Institute of Womans Health! I am going there with this pregnancy. The hospital is really nice too and a lot cheaper then the one in St G. I am still in the sick part but I am not wanting to take any meds. The Doc said a grapefruit or an orange in the mornings would help out. For me it helps out a little bit but not much. Yeah! again so excited!!! Love ya!

Tayli+Evan+Nixon=love said...

How exciting!! Yay I'm so happy for you guys:) I hear that your more sick with girls sooo.. my guess is its a girl!

Katie Evans said...

YAY! I'm so happy for you guys! What i normally did for my nausea was eat some crackers and sip 7Up! another thing that works really well is taking a half a tablet of unisom my doctor recommended that to me. hope all is well!