Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cooper's ONE!!!

Well the time has come for my little baby boy has turned one! I cant believe that its already here!! So yes Cooper did turn one today. We had a fun morning, Cooper woke up and Rob made a cute little man breakfast for him. He made a pankcake, shaped in a number 1, an egg white, a slice of toast with a jelly spread, and a banana. He didnt like the egg so much, but everything else he loved it!! We spent the rest of the day down in St. George. We had the pleasure of seeing my Aunt Aledien ( I know I spelt her name wrong)!! She is my dad's aunt. I havent seen her since my grandma, which would be her sister, and that was back in 1990, so I was 3 the last time I saw her... ya I didnt remember that so I was able to meet her again!! haha!! We then went to Rob's dad's house and just hung out and enjoyed talking to Gary. We then headed back home to our awesome friends that were waiting for the birthday boy! I would have got more pictures, but they were working out haha!! We had such a fun time! We have such amazing friends that love Cooper so much. We love them and are so blessed for the people we have been able to meet up here in Cedar. Cooper's birthday may be over, but he has another party this weekend!! Ill put more pictures up later!!

happy little one year old!

His buddy Jace!

That would be Tycen's hand haha

This is Cooper's Corner, he loves going over to this corner. It looks out onto Main street, it has markers, and the medicine balls to play with!! Every one year olds dream!!

Go Red Sox!!

Sneak attack!!

Newly pregers Rachel enjoying her cupcake from Cooper!!

Cooper sort of blowing it out haha

Watching Rachel sing Happy Birthday to him, he didnt understand what was going on haha


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