Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cooper is 10 months, what!?

I cant believe that I am going to be having a one year old in a month and half! Cooper is getting to be so much fun! He is such a blessing in our lives, and I thank Heavenly Father for him.

Cooper trying to figure out what to do with bubbles!!

My little, getting big, man

His most comfortable way to sleep...

Watching a basketball game... ya he likes being close to the T.V.

How happy is this little guy!

All the boys watching the football game.

This is Elea, I hope I spelt that right, she is our friends niece. She is so cute, but the even cuter thing was is that she is one and half and she is Coopers height! Cooper loved hanging out with her!!

Kiva's idea of a beanie, it was cold outside. We were laughing so hard!!

Front view

Cooper reacting to Paxton... yeeaaahhh....

Paxton was just jabbering away at Cooper. Coop just sat there haha

Such a big boy!
These pictures are from when Cooper was 9 months old. I was a slacker and didnt do an update on him, MY BAD!!

He wasnt feeling to good this day, so I put him in the laundry basket. He loved being pushed around the house in this!

Cooper ready for take off!!

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Krista Eger said...

AWWW what a cute boy! He is half Nate's age (just about) now! He must be a tall boy!! Either that your that little girl was just really short! :D