Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I have always loved Thanksgiving, its a reminder of what we are truly thankful for. We had thanksgiving the week before with Rob's mom and that was such a blast, we have so much fun together. We then had Thanksgiving at Rob's grandma's house. She cooks amazing meals! It was such a fun day!

I love Thanksgiving this much!!

He loves Uncle Keith!

More wrestling with Tanner

Naps after dinner

Good ol fashion wrestling!

I guess Aaron felt fat after turkey? Ya he is crazy!

Where's my teething ring?

An intense game of Castle at grandma's

Fire Power!

Let me mix those up for you!

I got a single royal flush!!

Uncle Aaron and Coop

Kim's plig hair do!


Josh and Kensey said...

Coop is so adorab;e! I love that he takes naps with Rob! SO CUTE!

Megan said...

Are you at Jen's house or Grandmas house with the wooden cabinets...i like them!

Lorrie's Little World said...

What a cute feature on your family's thanks giving! I love your pictures!
Ps you christmas picture is so darn cute!
Love you. give peanute a kiss for me