Tuesday, June 9, 2009

He is 3 months old today!!!

I cant believe it, Cooper is 3 months old today!! It is so crazy how fast he is growing up! I just cant keep up with him! Cooper is now starting to sit up all by himself. He isnt quite there yet but he is soo close. He is also turning onto his side, its so cute, he digs his face into the couch, floor, bed whatever surface he is on and throws his top leg over and just turns its so awesome. Any day now he is going to roll over all the way. I have a video of him half turning over so Ill put it on here!

Yes Cooper is a Red Sox fan too haha!

These 4 pictures are of Cooper sitting up all by himself!!!

This is one of Janessa's head bands that she got from Amanda at her baby shower. I had to put one on Cooper and I just had to put these pictures on here. haha

I love his belly!!

Cooper sitting watching mommy clean


Jord, Whit and Aspen said...

I can't believe he's already almost sitting up on his own. He's too young for that! You know what that means right?...you're going to have one athletic little guy. I bet Rob gets mad when you put bows on him. ha ha That's awesome. Cooper is such a little cutie. I knew he'd have big, juicy lips like his mama and dada. ha ha So cute!

Krista Eger said...

It goes by way too fast doesn't it! Its only three months, but they're a totally different baby aren't they!! Its so crazy! It boggles my mind every single day!

Myles N Amanda said...

HAHAH! how funny! what a cute girl he could be! hahaha love it!