Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cooper Roy!

I have had such a fun time with Cooper, he is such an awesome baby!! I wanted to post these on here. He is such a blessing in my life. I love being a mother and have the continual blessings of a mother.
I love you Son!
Cooper smiling on the couch

haha he puts his toes together and they grab eachother haha

Smiling at grandma!

Hello there!!

He is soooo cute!!

Sleepy baby

I Love his lips!

Smiley face!

"Who is that sexy baby in the mirror?"

haha I was just moving Cooper to make the bed and he fell asleep like this!!

Ohhhh thats a sad little face

Cooper sleeping on the couch

His little body!! I love it when he sits up haha its so cute

Cooper hanging out

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Krista Eger said...

Oh man looking at all your little comments is so cute! It makes me so sad that Nate isn't that little anymore. Every little thing new he would do that would show his personality was so exciting. I'd have to take a picture of every cute little thing I saw. Then the big victories like laughing, sitting unsupported, scooting to get something out of reach, crawling, standing up to things, etc are like personal victories! When Nate does something new, it makes me feel like I've accomplished something! And of course you have to take a picture of it! And it happens exponentially! Once he learns one thing, the second comes faster and the third even faster and so on. I look at Nate and canNOT even begin to believe that he was born only a year ago and how much he has grown! It creeps up on you so fast you don't even know where it goes! And every minute is more amazing than the last! Being a mommy is the best in the whole world! I love sharing mommyhood with you because for one you are such a cute mommy and second, you are so excited and proud of your little man and I love that! :D And now Nate would like to say something:

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And now he's REALLY mad that I made him stop! hahaha! He LOVES to type and pound on the keyboard! haha!