Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our 1st Valentines Day as a married couple...

Well I hope that everyone had an awesome Valentines day!! I love this holiday its just so much fun!! Ours was actually pretty interesting... Robert's little brother Gary just graduated from boot camp in San Diego, CA and for our Valentines day we got to spend the day with him. It was really cool to hear what he went through and how its so much more different then everyone says it is. I couldn't go down with them to pick him up (sad face) because I am 36 weeks and I need to be an hour and half mile radius from St. George until I have this baby!! So Rob was my eyes and he was just blown away by this place!! He told me last night that he thought he knew what the "Family" was with baseball but when you go down there, those Marines live up to that name Family. Rob was very impressed by there shows and all that they did for the families down there. But I know these arent my pictures but I wanted you guys to know who his brother was. These pictures were taken in his room while they had a chance to take them on a tour of the training base. These pictures are of Gary and the youngest brother Aaron wrestling (sorry its all I have). Then there is one with mommy Jen and you will know the last one.
So after we spend the day with Gary, I get this text from our friends Austin Golding and he tells me that he is in the ER for possibly having appendicitis!! Turns out that he has to have his appendix removed so we went and say him at the hospital till midnight, the poor kid looked like he was in pain!! But all in all it was a good Valentines Day, I had fun even though we ended up at the hospital with our friend but we love him just as much!!

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