Saturday, December 6, 2008

Vegas Photoshoot

OK after much waiting I can finally put these on here. I don't know if you remember but I had a photo shoot down in Vegas with my wedding photographer Shellee. She needed some new pictures for the 2009 Bridal Show and I was SO lucky to have received a call from her. If don't remember what I am talking about, that's OK just go and look back on one of my first posts. It was so cool though because we get down there and we just jump right in and about 45 minutes later I am about to pass out!! Turns out that I did my boustiae (dont know if that spelt right) way to tight and I was to the point of exhaustion and so I was done!!! But it was all worth it because this "bone yard" as it is called, was wear Carrie Underwood shot her video for "I don't know his last name" so that was awesome too!! It was such a fun experience I know that Shellee will have more for me later and I will put them on here but for now here are some sneekies for you all! I hope you enjoy them!! I freaking do that's for sure!! Oh and for any of you that will be going to the bridal show coming in January, these pictures will be up Shellee's booth...AND the ultimate wedding showcase magazine? You know what I am talking about? Ya these pictures will be on THE COVER!! So look for it! Loves!!

I LOVE the colors in this one!!


Jord, Whit and Aspen said...

Your pictures are way cute. I can't believe you're already 26 weeks! Time flies. We seriously need to get together. I have your little peanut a super cute present. You'll have to call me to get it! :)

Jake and Jen said...

Those pictures are awesome!! I'm glad you got some sweet wedding pictures to look at forever. That's what's cool about weddings. Like for people that don't have weddings I think it's kinda sad.:( But ya look hot and that's very fun to have get to see them at her booth! Maybe I'll have to check it out!!