Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kades Birthday

On the 13th was my nephew's 4th birthday and we ended celebrating on fathers day for his and my sister's birthday and fathers day. So Robert and I got the father's day gifts but we spaced the birthday's!! How rude of US!! but since we had the birthday party last night it was ok Robert and I made up for it! :D Robert and I got my sister a funny card where you read the front but it doesn't open, and we then we got her some awesome billy bob bling teeth!! She is 24 and its time to play and I can't spend a whole lot on gifts right now. So now there is Kade's gift... We went to Wal-Mart and we went to the toy section and found these awesome "Nerf" shotguns!! They were for a really good price so we get one for Kade, but then I am thinking that we should get one for Riley ( his big brother) or else he will be shooting all by himself and that is not fun at all!! We get another one for Riley and then Robert sits there for just a moment and gets two more?? I am thinking to myself, what is going on? He turns to me and tells me that we are going to be starting world war 3 with the boys!! HOW FUN!! So by now I am really excited to play with the boys and the reactions on their faces!! So we are waiting for the boys to come over and have a good time ya they ended up not coming over... I still dont know why but its ok Robert and I will just have to give them their gifts later. I have some pictures but I will get them posted on here when I get my camera uploaded.

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