Thursday, June 5, 2008

Getting to know us

Hi, I just wanted to tell all of you about my husband and I, but I just got married to Robert Fielding on May 24th 2008 in the St. George Temple. We are currently living in St. George and loving the married life. Robert and I met in high school over 3 years ago. I had a crush on his best friend and he had a crush on mine also. As time went on we started to notice each other and eventually started to have feelings for eachother. A dance came and I saw that as a good opportunity to finally hang out with him, so I asked him to "Tightwad". When the day came for the dance we had a PV day where we all just go and play Powderpuff football and have the boys dance the Pink Panthera's and just have a huge school party. Robert, Austin, Talia, and myself were in the tight wad group and Austin decided that we should go down the river in hydro tubes. Since it was the beginning of summer and the snow was melting in to the Virgin River, the water level was extra tall. So instead we ended up having a huge mudd fight, when that happened I went to throw a huge piece of mudd at Austin and my foot ended up sinking into some mudd and it wouldn't pivot so my knee popped out and I just fell into the water. Robert helped get all the way back to my house and spent the entire night with me while I got ready for our pictures. Ever since then Robert and I have been together!!!

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